Class Rental

Class Rental

3-Day Rental; Three BeMoved Class videos for $3.99
Subscribers of the BeMoved Digital Studio do not need to rent. Subscribers can view these classes within the Digital Studio | search Library.

Class Rental
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    Thinking of trying BeMoved? Renting is the easiest way to discover why so many love BeMoved Dance.

  • BeMoved® World Beat Fusion | Level One with Sherry

    Travel the globe without leaving the studio with your BeMoved passport. This genre utilizes and blends African, Middle Eastern, Asian, Cuban and Celtic Rhythms and more allowing you to adjust the style and feel of the combination as you go from country to country.

  • BeMoved® Stylized 60's| Express Level One with Jennifer

    A throwback to the stylized mod world of Mad Men and Bob Fosse’s “Rich Man’s Frug” from “Sweet Charity.” Learn this stylized 1960’s choreography that has been seen on the popular 60’s TV show “Laugh-In” and in Austin Powers movies.

  • BeMoved® Classical Fusion | Level Two with Sherry

    This genre is the most lyrical and romantic in the BeMoved® repertoire. The movement is a blend of contemporary ballet, the waltz, and essential BeMoved movements that are expansive and sweeping yet graceful and nuanced. The music for this genre is set to an eclectic playlist ranging from Chopin ...