Class Rental

Class Rental

3-Day Rental; Three BeMoved Class videos for $3.99
Subscribers of the BeMoved Digital Studio do not need to rent. Subscribers can view these classes within the Digital Studio | search Library.

Class Rental
  • Rent a Class

    Thinking of trying BeMoved? Renting is the easiest way to discover why so many love BeMoved Dance.

  • BeMoved® Latin Rhythms | Level One with Sherry

    Discover the enchantment of Lyrical Latin, a captivating fusion of BeMoved Genres, including lyrical Jazz, Latin Rhythms, Pure BeMoved, and Salsa.

  • BeMoved® Bollywood | Express Level One with Jennifer

    This genre is Inspired by the spectacle and elaborate dance scenes that Indian films are known for. Bollywood incorporates all kinds of dance styles, blending classical Indian dance forms with popular Western styles, including modern and jazz. These infectious dance moves will make you feel like ...

  • BeMoved® Theatrical Jazz | Level One with Myra

    Where classic jazz tunes meet the theatrical stage, you’ll Grapevine into elegant show dancing with a wink to the fosse style.